Inspecting New Builds, 2024 Storm Season and More


As a 30-year veteran volunteer fire-fighter, we the owners of Dwelling Check Home Inspections, passionately support all First Responders. We recently participated in a local radio broadcast campaign here in Ft. Myers, Florida saluting all fire-fighters, police and emergency medical first responders everywhere! We were honored to be a part of this noble recognition effort. Hear our spot here.

New Homes

We have seen an increase in “new-build” inspections over the past six to nine months.  Often-times builders will offer incentives that enable buyers to buy more home or specific upgrades they desire for the same or less purchase price as found in the (SW FL) re-sale home market.  You might ask, “is it really necessary to have new construction inspected? – after all, everything is new”.  To illustrate why the answer to that question is a resounding YES, we will share some deficiencies we have found in new build inspections.

  • Electrical components: Over-sized breaker with under-sized wire; this is when the capacity of the breaker is too large for the connected wire size, which can present risk of over-heating and fire.
  • Attic:  Missing or inadequate insulation
  • Plumbing:  Reversed hot/cold at faucets, which can present risk of hot water burn, especially with children
  • HVAC:  inoperative units
  • Appliances:  not connected/inoperative
  • Roof:  Poor workmanship

At Dwelling Check, when we perform a pre-closing, new-build inspection, we offer to return and do an 11-month/warranty inspection (performed just prior to expiration of builder warranty) at a significantly reduced price.

Storm Season

Severe lightning, thunderstorms and hurricanes come with the territory when you live in paradise.  While we can’t control the weather we can prepare and thereby minimize impact.  Hurricane season runs June 1 to November 30.  While life over property is of most importance at such times, we offer these recommendations to protect your cherished home and belongings.

Harden your home as best possible prior to hurricane season:

  1. Door and window protection – check for proper operation, including open/close/locks of accordion-style shutters, all fasteners present and usable for galvanized shutters, reliable battery/remote and manual tool for roll-down shutters and garage door lock-outs.
  2. Flooding – remove stored items from potential flood sites.
  3. Wind – remove lanai doors for improved wind passage, bring pots and planters inside where possible – if too large, lay over flat to ground, check home for loose soffit and gutters, re-secure where needed.

Have AC serviced and repaired as needed prior to hurricane season.  Service providers are in high demand immediately following a storm event.  Mildew and microbiological growth can develop in only hours when excessive moisture is present